The magic is essentially there.

We create design in which the sum of the properties gives a coherent overall picture and the product is given a distinctive personality. Successful because it hits the right goals: the heart and mind of the people who use it.

Our designs are based on creative design and a focused view of the essentials. They formulate transparent core messages and lend their aesthetic complement to a wide variety of styles, sometimes in a technical-functional, sometimes in a trendy manner.

And not only to look at, but also to touch.

Essentially, the magic lies.

Walter A. Schaefer. Dipl. Designer [FH]

The focus is on people.

Things we love often accompany us for a lifetime. But how exactly are these things characterized? They are useful, beautiful, unobtrusive and durable.

To achieve this, I design with clear shapes, balanced proportions and the right materials.

The result reinterprets what has been learned and breaks with conventional viewing habits without losing sight of the respective product character.

In the end one thing counts: the joy of the product.

Jan Christian Delfs. Dipl. Designer [FH]

Cheerful, lovely and imaginative.

The STEINBECK brand was created around the drawings by the painter and designer Walter Steinbeck.
He and his team conjure, with many different figures and designs, a piece of the perfect world on articles of daily use.

This consistency and familiarity has delighted parents and children alike for 35 years.

Walter Steinbeck. designer

Favorite things.

We love everyday life. But also the daily rituals.
And here are a handful of products
that you have become fond of.

Our goal as a designer is precisely such favorite things
to design. Things that you don’t carelessly dispose of,
but nurtures and cares for and later passes on
to his loved ones.

This is the basis of what we do.

Things you give yourself.

Michael Kindler Graduate Designer [FH] - Guido Metz Graduate Designer [FH]